JMKTM Rubber Machinery

Who Is KTM Machinery?

KTM Mexico KTM Uses high-tech U.S. electronic components, steel, special hard surface welding, hydraulics, in the manufacturing, or rebuilding of equipment at the KTM facility.

Qualified personnel working with the needed oversized machine tools, lower wage rates, and lower overhead expenses gives the advantage to KTM to be extremely competitive in quality and price.

KTM is taking full advantage of the International Free Trade Agreement between Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico. Operating successfully since NAFTA's inception, KTM is allowed to import and export equipment and components with no duty.

With over 120 employees, a 200,000 sq. ft. building with all the specialized machine tools for this kind of operation (including TIG, MIG, automatic welders, roll grinders, gear cutters and a specialized bronze bearing foundry), KTM has a complete team dedicated to the design and manufacturing of new rubber processing machinery.
JM Machinery is the exclusive US and Canada representative of new KTM Machinery.

Mill line
Mixer line Our machines are operating in Canada, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, San Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Thailand. Our customers are our testimony to good service and attention.
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