JMKTM Rubber Machinery

General Mill Information


Rebuilt Mill
We can provide your complete rubber mill needs from drop, mix, surge, warm-up, cracker, or refiner mill requirements.
Our re-manufactured mills have ground roll bodies, new bronze journal bearings, (anti-friction bearings available on some models), re-fit batch guides, cooling passages flushed, new couplings, rebuilt or new gear reducers, rebuilt or new motors and controls, unitized bases with integral vibration isolation / leveling pads.

We offer New KTM overhead mill blenders, motorized roll adjustment, new connecting gears, (cut at our own gear department), reverse friction for silicone, flip style batch guides, new drilled rolls, chroming and just about any option you might request.

Not sure exactly what you need? Contact our engineering department for assistance.

We generally have many good used mills, in all size ranges for the customer who needs a mill "right now".
These mills can ship immediately upon request, or within a few days if options need to be added.

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